Standard Material Resources

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wide range of today’s colors without painting and the common problems with painted materials?  Well, Avalis offers over 75 unique colors that don’t have the drawbacks of paint:

  • Flaking 
  • Fading
  • Delamination
  • Susceptibility to scratches revealing a different color.
  • Inconsistencies in color matching

Don't let this happen in your facility...

Amazing diversity without problematic paint.

Avalis offers the widest selections of standard colors available in the market today.  Unlike painted colors, Avalis standard colors are robust and enduring which means the color cannot be chemically removed by cleaning nor scratched off with sharp objects - Over 75 such standard colors are available to complement today’s hospitality décors.

Second surface colors and integral colors are standard on all product lines.  Integral color means the color is integrated all the way through the material.  Neither scratches nor cleaning will reveal a different underlying color.

Color Charts (Click to view)

2nd Surface Color Substrates

Color is behind clear acrylic and therefore can't be scratched off or cleaned off from the front.  This is you best option if painted colors are required because the front surface is simply clear acrylic protecting the paint on the back from scratching. 

Integral Color Substrates

Color is countinuous throughout the thickness of the material.

Aluminum, other metals

All aluminum in the US is made up of at least 30% recycled aluminum.  Brushed aluminum finishes are in high demand in modern interior finishes. 

Solid Hardwoods, MDF Hardwoods

Acrylic Resin Substrates

Color, fabrics, natural plant materials, metal mesh, sea shells, etc. - All encapsulated behind clear recycled acrylic. 

Solid Surface, Solid Surface Veneer

All color and patterns are integral throughout the thickness of the material.