About Us

Avalis has been designing, manufacturing and installing wayfinding solutions since 1989. We have manufactured the interior sign systems for many buildings large and small: hospitals, universities, boutique hotels, residential complexes, federal, state and local government facilities, military installations and K-12 Schools.

We are about aesthetically creating successful journeys. A good wayfinding solution helps visitors quickly find their destinations, assists accessibility, and can even save lives by efficiently connecting health emergencies with emergency services.

Avalis stands ready to engineer a comprehensive solution

Since the early 1990s, the wayfinding body of knowledge and innovation has dramatically advanced. The need for improved client and patient services has been a primary catalyst in driving the science and art of wayfinding. Today, an effective analysis needs to start at the homes or offices of potential clients - not only in a facility's parking lot or hallway. Wayfinding is now understood as a whole lot more than signage alone. Signage, however, remains a critical component of an effective wayfinding solution. The team at Avalis understands these needs and stands ready to work with your team for a comprehensive solution.

"Brand Within" - Ask Us!

How do you leverage your brand in the facility space within your company to build mindshare with your employees as well as visitors and clients?  Use your interior sign system and open space graphics to permeate your brand's key elements beyond the lobby throughout your organization.

Broad range of products

Avalis offers a broad selection of price points to satisfy every customer’s budgetary constraints. At our lower end we have the most beautiful selection of color combinations in our single panel signs. At our top end we offer fantastic custom sign designs that can complement any décor.

Understanding the need for flexibility in rapidly changing environments

And when it comes to the sign system portion of a wayfinding solution, Avalis understands the need for flexibility in rapidly changing environments and the hospitality aesthetics of interior finishes. The sign system is a critical interface with clients and therefore needs to tell the truth and complement the interior décor. In addition, on-going maintenance of a wayfinding solution is as at least as important as the initial project.

Avalis Wayfinding Solutions welcomes you to our site and hope you'll find it the resource we've tried to make it for your next project.